Rico offers the following educational school shows for Pre-primary and Junior Primary learners:

Fee: R15 per learner

Note: There will be an extra charge for travelling outside the Durban area

Switch off the lights!

A show about saving electricity & water. This delightful, informative show puts across the importance of electricity and water in our lives and shares practical ideas on how we can all help save these precious resources. He uses story-telling, magical routines and humour to encourage the learners to do their bit.

The ABC of Bullying!

This educational, entertaining show teaches learners that bullying is wrong, and gives simple, effective advice on how to deal with bullies, without being a bully yourself. He uses magic routines, puppets and story-telling to actively involve the learners throughout the show.

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To book an educational show for your school please contact Rico:

An excellent performance by Rico – enjoyed by both the pupils and staff at Millview Primary. A fun way of learning made interesting by pupil participation.
Millview Primary School, Durban

An entertaining, fun-filled show with a fascinating variety of acts. The children were most intrigued and thoroughly enjoyed it!
Brighton Beach Primary School, Durban

Our children thoroughly enjoyed this informative, fun-filled show. You gained their attention and soon put all the children at ease. A show enjoyed by all the age groups.
Harrington-Thorne Pre-Primary School, Sherwood, Durban

The children enjoyed the magic, good audience participation. They got the recycling message in a lovely, fun way. Thank you for a wonderful show!
Settler's Park Pre-Primary School, Pietermaritzburg